Enraged Cow Attacks Farmer, Horse Saves Her Life.

horse-saves-woman-from-cowIn 2007, a farmer in Scotland was rescued by her horse from an enraged cow. Fiona Boyd, 40, was leading a calf into the shed when the mother of the calf suddenly charged the woman, knocked her over, and continued to trample on top of her. Boyd was simply attending to the cries of the calf when the mother attacked. “I was absolutely terrified” states Boyd, as she remembers “rolling up into a ball to protect my head from her hooves.” Boyd was also afraid that the other cows might join in on the trampling, which Boyd says “can happen sometimes.” This is when her horse, Kerry, came to her assistance. According to Boyd’s story, Kerry (who Boyd treated as a pet more than a workhorse), repeatedly bucked and even kicked the cow until it fled in submission, allowing Boyd to escape the dangerous scenario. Boyd survived and was treated at a nearby hospital, where she reportedly suffered some moderated bruising and minor cuts, however, Kerry’s bravery had saved the Fiona’s life.