Horses Circle Farmer to Ward Off Coyotes

horse-saves-man-from-coyotesOn a typical Wednesday in 2010, Robert Bennington went out to feed his horse. Bennington, who was 67 years old, noticed something odd as he approached, when his aged horse named Blue took off running right in front of him. It was at this point that he noticed a pack of coyotes approaching him and his horses. Bennington stated, “I called out to my horse, I said, 'Scottee, get by daddy fast…what happened next was amazing." Apparently, Scottee and three other horses formed a circle around Bennington and kept him in the middle for protection. Bennington reported that one of the larger coyotes tried to attack his horse, Danny Boy, and the coyote was kicked in the head. 2 other coyotes tried to approach Bennington only to be kicked and stomped by Scottee. The way Bennington tells it: “The coyote started whining and they ran off. All I can remember after that is resting my head on Scottee and crying. They saved my life." Bennington was not harmed during the encounter with the coyotes, and was able to return safely in one piece, thanks to the bravery of some real four-legged heroes.