Prevention Tips

Prevention tips for stress fracturesThe best way to manage your stress fracture is to prevent yourself from developing one in the first place. If you are a runner, make sure that you run with proper mechanical form. Using improper form (or improper “gait”) while running for long distances, can lead to fractures in the feet and toes. This is because the bones are repetitively being used in a way that doesn’t fit with their natural mechanics. If you are going to increase the intensity or duration of your workout routine, start gradually. Build up to your goal with small increments of added exercise. By not being adequately prepared for your high impact exercise or running, you increase your chances of developing a stress fracture, and if you have suffered from one in previous years, you can also cause that old fracture to reappear. If running is your primary source of exercise, consider adding a “low-impact” type exercise to your routine. Adding exercises such as push-ups, crunches, or weightlifting, will give the repetitively used bones, a chance to rest. Basically there are many ways to be “proactive” when it comes to avoiding stress fractures. Further in the reading we will discuss nutrition, footwear, and other preventative steps to take in order to avoid a stress fracture.