Rest can help ease stress fracture painIt probably goes without saying, but, the best way to treat a stress fracture is to not use the fractured bone at all. Giving the bone a few days to heal may be your only option to heal the fracture as fast as possible. When a stress fracture forms, any further amount of stress can cause the crack to spread and become larger, leading to further pain and inflammation. In order to allow the bone to heal naturally, it is best to take time off. There are medical braces, such as a sling or “boot,” which provide support for the fractured bone, but these should be considered only if it is imperative that the bone is used during the day. If you can help it, try not to even move the bone at all. Sometimes during a stress fracture, people are in so much pain, that this advice may seem like a “no-brainer.” However, even if there is only a little amount of pain when using a fractured bone, please remember that it can lead to further exacerbation of the stress fracture. This means that it will take longer to heal and cause quite a delay in your return to normalcy. Don’t take any chances when it comes to being able to walk and run without pain; give your bones the rest they require to properly heal.