7 Short Lessons About the History of Rodeo

7-short-lessons-aout-the-history-of-rodeoIt’s no secret that rodeo in America is one of the most popular spectator sports continuing today. States such as Wyoming, South Dakota, and Texas have even declared rodeo as their official state sport. The word “rodeo” is derived from Spanish and basically means to “round up.” Vaqueros (Spanish cowboys) used the word “rodeo” for the process of gathering up cattle. Today, millions of people either participate, spectate, or involve themselves with some of America’s oldest traditions and sporting events. However, with such a large and winding history, there are many things about the rodeo that are often overlooked, or even forgotten about. With such a deep heritage spanning over many years, there are various facts and stories from the old days that become lost or are rarely mentioned. Here we look at the history of certain aspects of rodeo, share a few tales of yesteryear, and inspect the humble beginnings of this sport.