The History of the Rodeo Clown

first-rodeo-clownsRodeo Clowns weren’t necessarily “clowns” in the beginning days of rodeo as a spectator sport. The name was given for the cowboys who entertained the crowd in between acts or, if certain events were delayed, their job was to keep the crowd enthusiastic with comedic shows. As time went on, rodeo clowns began to wear more outlandish costumes, such as baggy pants and make-up. It was also their job to help manage the bulls and steers in the arena. When Bull Riding was introduced, irritable Brahma bulls were being used and clowns were then given the job of distracting the bull. Today, the “rodeo clown”, also known as “bullfighter”, or “protector” is a highly trained athlete whose job is to distract the bull immediately if a rider hits the ground. They are much more than guys in paint just running around the arena. They stay fit and active so that they are able to not only prevent a rider from being injured but also possibly save his life.