acaiThese purple berries are gaining a healthy reputation for containing oleic acid, a substance known to promote a healthy heart. They also contain high levels of antioxidants known as anthocyanins. These berries have also been rumored to not only help with the effects of aging but also with weight loss. Since the berries come from South America, fresh Acai berries are hard to find but are sold in frozen packages in stores. The frozen packages are a better choice than buying juice made from the berries, as these juices often contain preservatives and sugars that may have an adverse health effect on your body. With the frozen berries, you can always simply thaw and serve in a variety of meals. They go great in fruit salads, yogurts, and fruit smoothies. Better yet, look up some recipes for an acai bowl, it is like eating a bowl of yogurt and it is delicious. You can even top it with some chia seeds or other healthy ingredients to maximize the nutrition of this dish.