Black Garlic

black-garlicBlack Garlic is garlic that has been fermented by long periods of exposure to heat and humidity. This process loads the garlic up with tons of probiotics which help to stabilize the intestine and strengthen the immune system. Matthias Merge, the executive chef at Charlie Trotter's in Chicago, has black garlic listed as one of his top five food finds in Restaurant News in 2008. ( The compound S-allylcysteine is a natural component of fresh garlic and a derivative of the amino acid, cysteine. After fermentation, the black garlic contains high concentrations of this compound which helps to lower cholesterol, as well as one’s risk for developing cancer. Black Garlic also helps the body to absorb the antimicrobial and antifungal agents that are commonly found in regular garlic and helps protect the body from infections. Black Garlic can be used in sauces or different types of salad dressing. It can also be added to your favorite vegetable dips. It is said to have a sweet and subtle flavor.