Wild Horse Race

wild-horse-raceWild Horse Races are one of the most exciting and skill required events of rodeo. On their designated horse, a group of three cowboys must place a halter made of leather and sheepskin, which is connected to a lead or shank. When the chutes open, the shankman holds the horse in position, while the “mugger” moves up the shank and grabs the horse by the halter. While the other two cowboys hold onto the horse, the rider puts a saddle on the horse, cinches it up, and climbs on top. Then the rider has to ride the wild horse across the finish line, which is not so easy. Wild Horse Racing originates from the Pony Express days, where riders were often required to tame wild horses and use them for delivery. Even though it began as an event for local rodeos, Wild Horse Racing soon increased in popularity and can now be found at rodeo hotspots such as the Pendleton Roundup, Prescott Rodeo, and the Calgary Stampede Rodeo.