Computer Jobs

computer-job-hand-painWorking at a computer all day can cause damage to the hands and the wrists. Whether you are a computer programmer or a receptionist, the long hours of working with a keyboard and mouse can add up to some serious pain.

With many that spend their days working at a computer, it often comes down to their work habits. Many of the hand and wrist pain issues that come with working at a keyboard can be prevented by changing the way that you do your job.

One point is to keep your wrists straight when you are typing. When the wrists are bent, you are putting stress on the tendons and ligaments. For some people, it may help to wear a brace on the wrist to keep them straighter, for others, it might be possible to achieve this without assistance.

Another tip is to let your hands hover over the keyboard instead of resting them on the keys with your wrists on the desk. This actually lets your body take on more of the load and it relieves the pressure that you put on the wrists when they are resting on the edge of the desk.