Butcher/Food Processing

butcher-food-processing-hand-painPeople that work in food processing are constantly working with their hands. They might be cutting up large slabs of meat, deboning fish and chicken, or handling fruits and vegetables that need to be packed. In all of these jobs, you are doing tasks that are the same or similar all day long and it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the hands and wrists.

Keeping the hands strong and flexible will help to prevent conditions like carpal tunnel and tendinitis. You can learn exercises that will strengthen the hands and keep them mobile for the long days of work. Letting the hands rest will also help to prevent these injuries. People who work in food processing could also consider wearing a splint to limit the movement of the joints during work.

To treat the pain, you can ice the hands when your work is finished for the day. You will also want to provide the hands with as much rest as possible when you are not on the job. Topical pain relievers can also help reduce swelling and pain.


Image courtesy of Florencia Raffa at freeimages.com