hairstylists-hand-painTo a person that does not do it, styling hair may seem like a fairly laid-back profession. However, most people do not realize the amount of strain this job puts on the body. Firstly, these individuals are on their feet all day and this can be bad for the back and the legs, but one of the most common problems among hairdressers is pain in the hands and the wrists.

It is not the styling of one customer’s hair that causes the problem. It is doing these tasks all day, every day, for many years. Just handling a pair of scissors and making precise cuts throughout the day can lead to pain, but then they have tons of other tasks that put wear and tear on the hands.

As a measure to prevent this, a hairstylist can buy tools that are more ergonomically correct. In addition to that, they will want to try to give their hands a short break in between clients. You can also learn hand stretches and exercises that can be good for reducing the pain and preventing conditions like carpal tunnel.


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