Painting-hand-painHouse painters put a good deal of stress on their bodies. Among the areas of the body that often suffer from a life making money as a painter are the hands and wrists. These professionals spend long days handling the various implements of the trade and it often results in some serious pain.

Long hours handling a spray gun can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel. The repetitive brushing motion that painters are called upon to perform can cause damage to the wrist. Gripping and moving the rollers can put stress on the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

As a painter, some of these issues are going to be hard to avoid. The repetitive motions of the job put a lot of stress on the hands and arms. For one preventative measure, you may want to adjust the way that you hold the brush. A change of grip can help to distribute the strain more evenly and reduce the chance of injury. Additionally, you want to try to take some breaks after long periods of work. Giving the hands a little bit of rest in between tasks can make a big difference.

When you are off the job, it is also important to let the hands rest. Try to avoid tasks that will add to the stress that was put on them all day during work. If you come home and your hands are sore, it can also help to put them in a bowl of ice for a while. Beyond that, you can also employ exercises that are used for occupational therapy to help relieve the pain and restore motion.