Low Impact Exercising

Low impact exercises can ease runners knee painOne of the main causes of Runner's Knee is the repetitive jarring that occurs when the foot hits the ground. Try giving your knees a hiatus from the high impact stress that accompanies running. You do not have to stop exercising altogether because inactivity can lead to stiffness in Runner’s Knee sufferers. However, you may find that a break from the specific act of running is beneficial for your sore knee. Rather than running, schedule one or more days of low impact cardio such as elliptical training, biking, or swimming. These three options are not the only beneficial forms out there but many Runner’s Knee patients find that they are easy to incorporate into their daily regimen. Elliptical training is easy on the knees because the gliding effect removes the stress of impact. It also strengthens the muscles and promotes the development of stamina because it provides resistance. Biking relieves the knees of weight and impact while still building endurance. Swimming is a great way to increase stamina and loosen up muscles. It is especially beneficial for releasing tension in the quadricep muscles. Doctors believe that tight quadriceps are a key factor in knee problems developing in runners. Without exerting all the force and shock on troubled knees, these low impact forms of exercise improve range of motion and strengthen the muscles that surround the knee. Even if you only replace one run per week with one of these options, you will experience significant relief from Runner’s Knee pain.  

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