Natural Therapy

Relieve pain from runners knee with natural therapySeveral natural and holistic remedies are available such as cupping treatment, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy. Cupping is an ancient Chinese treatment and is a great way to improve knee circulation, treat injuries, and relieve pain. This practice uses heated glass cups that create suction and stimulate energy flow in areas troubled by pain. Cupping is a good way to revitalize circulation, remove blockages, open channels, and support the healing process. Acupuncture is another ancient Chinese technique known to relieve pain, loosen tight muscles, and improve circulation for Runner's Knee. Since the area between the two bones is so small, Acupuncture needles are some of the only tools that can access this area. This technique is known to increase blood flow to this area and improve damage that has occurred. Sports Massage is another very beneficial treatment for Runner's Knee because it reduces pain, speeds up the healing process, increases flexibility, enhances strength, and helps remove toxins and lactic acid from muscles. Hiring a Physical Therapist may be your answer for improving Runner’s Knee because they are specifically trained to evaluate the way you run and pinpoint what you are doing to cause the knee pain. After assessing your running technique, a Physical Therapist will guide you through exercises and training regimens and teach you the proper techniques to prevent further damage to the knee joints. By revealing the cause of your pain and coaching you out of them, they can give you a long term solution to relieving your Runner's Knee.