Keep Toenails Trimmed and Check for Fungus Issues

trim-toenailsYour toenails should receive attention as well. Long toenails could possibly lead to an injury like a scratch or bump. When trimming nails, cut them straight across staying away from the cuticle. Try to make small cuts across the nail rather than trying to clip it one try, this will prevent any irritation to the toes. If there are any rough or jagged edges, use an Emory board and file in one direction until the nail is smooth. Only trim your toenails with a pair of nail clippers or manicure scissors, using any household items like knives or scissors could cause an injury. If you cannot fully care for your own toes and toenails, you should seek professional help from a spa or other qualified service provider. When it comes to toenail care, great care should be taken, especially if you don’t have full feeling in your feet, or have nerve damage, you do not want to cut yourself or cause any damage in the process.

Another important measure to take with your toenails is to check for any signs of a fungus issue. A very common toenail fungus known as “onychomycosis” causes the affected toenails to turn yellow and to thicken. It affects many people but it is twice as likely to occur in a Diabetic because of their circulation issues. Researchers have discovered that this toenail fungus increases the risk of amputation for Diabetes sufferers.