foot-pain-prevention-feet-pregnancy-pregnant When it comes to foot pain prevention during pregnancy, it can be somewhat difficult. Many of the causes of foot pain are the result of the body’s natural responses to the experience. Additionally, the preventative steps that will work best will depend on the types of foot pain that you are trying to prevent. There are a few things that a pregnant woman can do to prevent the more common foot issues that accompany pregnancy.

The shoes that you wear are going to make a big difference in your battle to prevent foot pain. Do not wait for issues like fallen arches or swollen feet to force you to take action. As soon as you start to feel like your shoes are a little tight or that they are not providing adequate support, change them. Making an early switch to roomier shoes that have better arch support can make a significant difference.

Drinking water and lowering your salt intake can also help to prevent foot pains. Foot cramps can result from a lack of hydration and a pregnant woman is going to be especially prone to this issue. You should try to drink more water; this is even more important for times of increased activity.

A pregnant woman should try to get exercise and stretch. Exercise will help to get the blood circulating and it will allow you to sweat out some of the excess fluids. The added pressure from the weight can also cause tightness in the muscles and other soft tissue in the feet and ankles. Perform exercises that will maintain the flexibility.

The final recommendation for prevention is rest. Don’t overdo it when you are working and try not to spend long periods of time on your feet. In addition to this, during your rest, it can help to elevate and ice the feet.