Are There Any Side Effects of Cupping?

are-there-side-effects-of-cuppingWith cupping, there are not many side effects, and there is no significant risk associated with the practice. Most of the side effects that a person may experience will occur during the treatment or shortly after. As long as you receive the treatment from a trained professional, cupping is safe.

Some patients have experienced a feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness while the therapy is being administered. While many feel that the cupping produces a relaxing sensation, there are some who might experience discomfort.

After a session, the area where the cups were administered may turn red or form a bruise. The skin can also be sensitive in the region where treatment was applied. Generally, this is fairly mild, and the skin will return to its normal color within a few days.

Of course, with the use of fire, there is also the possibility of being burned. If this were to occur, the burns would be mild, but they could result in discomfort. For the most part, this is a minor risk. A well-trained and experienced professional will know how to apply the cups safely, while minimizing the risk of burns.

As a final point, there is also the possibility of infection. However, this risk is limited. A professional therapist will follow protocols for cleaning the skin of the patient and their equipment. As long as the practitioner follows the best practices, the patient will not be exposed to a significant risk of infection.