What Does Cupping Treat?

what-conditions-does-cupping-treatAmong the practitioners and proponents of cupping, you will find a lot of claims about the different conditions that cupping can be used to treat. For many of these claims, there is little evidence to support the efficacy. However, there are a number of issues where cupping has been shown to provide positive results.

Primarily, cupping is a good treatment option for issues of pain and inflammation. Some patients have also expressed positive results for things like chronic headaches, shingles, acne, and high blood pressure. Many people also receive cupping because they feel like it is relaxing and that it helps to relieve stress.

If you have any one of these conditions, you could try cupping as a complement to other forms of treatment. It has shown great results for people that have pain in the joints and muscle pain. The increased blood flow can be effective for promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and relieving tension that is the result of various injuries and medical conditions.