Arm and Leg Injuries

arm and leg injuries are common from horseback ridingAs these are the most common for horseback enthusiasts, injuries to the arms can involve anything from broken or fractured bones, sprains, dislocated joints, keen injuries, bruising, damaged muscle tissue/nerves/tendons, scrapes, and cuts. They range from the most minor of “strawberry burn” scrapes to multiple broken areas in the arms or legs. Treating these injuries may simply involve the tactics we have previously discussed (such as ice, elevation, and immobilization of the affected area). If you have cuts or open wounds, treat them with proper first aid materials such as bandages and anti-infection ointments. If you experience wounds that involve excessive bleeding or are large wounds, it is certainly a good idea to seek immediate medical care. Arm and leg injuries may not be as serious as concussions or spinal damage but they are one of the most frequent types of horseback riding injuries and should not be taken lightly.