Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common from horseback ridingInjuries to the feet and ankles are some of the worst to deal with since they are often the most immobilizing for riders. It is not difficult to understand how riders face these injuries, as they most commonly occur when the rider lands on their feet in an awkward position, gets brushed up against something while riding, or is trampled on by the horse after falling off the saddle. Injuries like this are immobilizing. They will need as much elevation and rest as possible in order to reduce pain and swelling, which may keep a rider off of their feet for a while. Sprains, fractures in the feet, strains, or broken bones in the feet/toes are the ones a rider will most likely experience, so if you are suffering from an ankle or foot injury, you should see your doctor immediately. Again, ice is another great way to keep down the swelling and reduce the amount of pain you feel. Stay off the injury as much as possible (although you may not have a choice depending on how painful it is) so that the healing process doesn’t take too long and that you do not cause further injury. Also, refrain from any heavy activity (even if it doesn’t hurt as bad as before). Heavy lifting requires footwork and could lead to re-injury.