2Loop iPad Handle

Top-10-ergonomic-gadgets-relieves-hand-pain-iPadFinally, if you prefer to get your fill of electronic use on your iPad, the 2Loop iPad Handle is the ergonomic answer to making your time on your iPad more comfortable.

The 2Loop iPad Handle is designed specifically for the iPad and is a hand-held iPad holder that takes the pressure off the wrist by eliminating the need to constantly grip the back of a case. The case itself is hard rubber but is still flexible enough to put on the iPad. The 2Loop finger holes are adjustable to fit any fingers and make holding onto the iPad much easier. When you are using the 2Loop, your iPad will swivel a full 360 degrees, reducing the cramping that can occur in your hand. It also prevents the slouching that occurs during those moments that you decide to bend over your iPad because you set it down in order to give your hands a break.