Game Controllers

Top-10-ergonomic-gadgets-relieves-hand-pain-game-controllersIf you prefer to game on a console rather than a computer, there is a whole line of ergonomically friendly game controllers on the market. You can find one that is geared for the type of console you own. Some people base their console preference on the controller that it comes with. Finding the one that best fits their hand since this directly corresponds to the enjoyment they gain from playing.

For this reason, companies are aiming to make gaming controllers that are lightweight and meant to fit into the natural curvature of the hand, while keeping all of the buttons within natural reach. This is beneficial to the gamer because it reduces the overuse of the muscles in the hand and wrists, which leads to hand and wrist fatigue as well as tendonitis and arm and shoulder pain. Many people establish their preference about which console they like based on the controller that comes with it. How it fits in their hand is said to directly correspond to the enjoyment they gain from playing.