Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 7000

Top-10-ergonomic-gadgets-relieves-hand-pain-keyboardThe Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 7000 is easily identified by its wavy, split keyboard design. This design is intended to keep the hands, wrists, and arms aligned, preventing any awkward bends of the wrist while you are typing.

The split keyboard successfully allows for natural placement of the arms, wrist, and hands in many ways. The keyboard is split at a 12-degree angle, which encourages the natural posture of the wrist. This split also mimics the naturally curved placement of the fingertips to reduce key reach while you are typing. The keyboard also includes a 7-degree reverse slope removable palm lift that creates a reverse slope, which also encourages a more natural wrist posture while using the keyboard.

These features are incredibly beneficial for people who consistently spend a large portion of their day typing. Keeping the arms and wrists at a natural angle rather than reaching, which causes the strain, will go a long way towards the prevention of long-term pain.