Roller Mouse Free

Top-10-ergonomic-gadgets-relieves-hand-pain-mouseThe Roller Mouse Free is probably the most interesting of the ergonomic mice on the market. This mouse isn’t shaped like you would expect a mouse to be. Instead, it is designed as a narrow bar that you move your fingertips up and down and from side to side in order to navigate the cursor on your screen.

The benefit to this design is that when you use a traditional mouse with one hand, it causes your muscle groups to compensate for the weight of one arm, which causes tightness and pain in the shoulder, neck, and elbow, not to mention your wrist and hand.

With the Roller Mouse Free there is no need to clutch or hold the Roller Mouse, or to flex your fingers. You can use either hand to control the mouse, allowing you to keep your hands within the area of the keyboard, which eliminates the need for reaching