Space King Forearm Support

Top-10-ergonomic-gadgets-relieves-hand-pain-forearm-supportShould you decide that a traditional mouse is more your style, the Space King Forearm Support is an excellent addition for anyone looking for extra support for their hands and wrists.  

The Space King Forearm Support is a padded support for your forearm and is designed to make working at the computer more comfortable. The forearm pad contains foam padding and elevates the hand to the level of the keyboard rather than the common upward angle and reaching that causes strain on the hands and wrists. The forearm support clamps to the front edge of a desk and has enough space that you can rest your entire forearm, up to your elbow, on it.

The design of the Space King Forearm Support takes a lot of the pressure off your wrists and hands and promotes good blood flow in the entire forearm while you work at the computer.