Top 10 Gadgets to Improve Finger Dexterity and Grip

Top Gadgets to improve hand strengthHand exercises are an important part of maintaining healthy muscles and bones in your hands. By ensuring that your hands stay healthy, you can help prevent arthritis from forming, and even help minimize the symptoms of arthritis if your hands are already affected by it.

Finger dexterity, strength, and flexibility are required for a variety of typical day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, if you are suffering from arthritis, performing even the most basic of tasks such as buttoning your shirt or brushing your teeth can prove to be a challenge. When you suffer from arthritis in the hand you may notice swelling, pain, stiffness, and limited mobility or range of motion, all of which make it hard for your hands to function like you need them to.

Fortunately, there are many hand exercises you can do to keep your hands healthy and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. There are even a few interesting gadgets that have been designed for the specific purpose of strengthening the hands. While you don’t need to use any gadgets to perform hand exercises that will improve the range of motion and flexibility in your fingers and hands, the gadgets listed in this article are all great for improving finger dexterity and strength.