Lower Back Pain

The Top 9 Pains That Kill Your Golf ScoreMany avid players complain of discomfort and stiff muscles in their back. Lower back pain is, in fact, the most prominent injury in the sport of golf. There are several factors about the game that may contribute to this pain. Since the Golf Swing requires the torso to twist, it puts a great deal of stress on the vertebrae. The muscles and ligaments along the spine can become inflamed during this process. Another possible strain can occur as the player hits the ball and follows through with the swing, this motion causes the back to bend in awkward and unnatural positions. This compromising position makes the back susceptible to various injuries and inflammation.The most common cause of lower back pain can be attributed to the over-pronation of the feet during the golf swing. Just a small misalignment can cause problems to arise.

There are several ways to minimize back pain while continuing to enjoy the sport of golf.  Performing this routine before every golf outing will drastically reduce the chance of back injury.

  • Cardio: Warming up is vitally important in golf just as it is in any physical activity. You should start with a basic 5 minute cardio warmup. Some possibilities include: Jogging in place, brisk walking, or jumping. Once you have caused some blood to start pumping, you are ready for the second part of the warm up. Cardio is important to start with because you never want to stretch cold muscles!
  • Back Stretches: You should try to take some time to stretch before your game. Begin with a simple stretch that targets the muscles you will be using to Golf. Take a golf club, rest it on your shoulders, and then simply rotate side to side from the torso. After a while, begin holding the stretch on each side for a few seconds before releasing. This is a great way to get blood flowing to the muscles.
  • Hip Stretches: Stretching your hips is an excellent way to ease some tension in your back. A simple way to stretch your hips is to slowly pull the knee of one leg to your chest and hold for a second. Then, do the other leg. Repeat each side ten times.
  • Engage your Golf Swing Muscles: Finish your stretching routine by lightly swinging a golf club back and forth above the ground. This will engage all of the necessary muscles you will use during your game and is a great way to warm up your muscle memory to aid in your technique as well.  

Visit the Driving Range: Before hitting the course for a round, an excellent way to continue your warmup is to visit the driving range. For optimum preparation, start with the smaller irons and slowly build up to the driver.