The Wrists

Is Wrist Pain Affecting Your Golf GameMost injuries in golf occur from overuse rather than an overload of a one-time stress as in other sports. The wrists are often overlooked as a potentially vulnerable area prone to injury in golfers. However, Tendonitis is rather common in golfers. This is a term given to the condition of inflammation in a tendon. In golf, it is often attributed to improper technique or overuse due to a sudden increase in practice or playing time. Patients with this issue are often treated with rest and advised to refrain from any activities that cause pain. After a period of 3-4 weeks, players can gradually start playing again. Perhaps, it would be a wise idea to clock in a little time at the driving range to see how the wrist handles activity before returning to the course for a full game. It is important to start slowly because you want the condition to continue healing.

Besides tendonitis, injuries to the fibrocartilage are common in golfers. The triangular fibrocartilage is located on the outside of a person’s wrist and is susceptible to tears due to wear and tear from the golf swing. This cartilage is very important for proper stability; this stability is crucial for a winning golf swing. Rest can be effective for healing this injury, but occasionally surgery is required.

Injuries also occur to the wrist bone itself. Often, this is due to poor technique and swinging the club too hard. The golfer might swing wildly and ram the head of the club into the ground. If the ground is hardened, this can send shock waves to the wrist and possibly cause a fracture in the wrist bone. If this occurs, a cast will be required for proper healing. Most people would not think that a fracture could occur by such means, so this injury tends to go untreated. Many force themselves to play through the pain. If you are a golfer and you ever feel pain in your wrist, it is vital to visit your doctor and rule out a fracture. If left untreated, a fracture can result in surgery in order to remove the bone altogether. This prospect can severely affect your what activities you participate in, especially golfing.