arnica-reduces-chronic-painArnica is an all-around pain reducer and a perfect natural ingredient for those experiencing chronic pain. It increases circulation, which speeds up the inflammation process. Whenever we have inflammation from an injury, extra blood flows to the injured area and sometimes this blood can just sit there rather than circulating, causing inflammation. But, Arnica keeps the blood circulating, which means that it supplies the area with fresh oxygen and nutrients, reducing the amount of pain that inflammation causes. Arnica can also reduce swelling by stimulating white blood cells and processing congested blood so that trapped fluid (a major part of swelling) can be released from damaged areas. Arnica can be consumed in teas, as an edible, or topically applied to the skin in a lotion or cream. Research has shown Arnica to have a strong ability to reduce swelling in joints making it a great natural ingredient for those dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and other types of chronic pain.