chondroitin-reduces-chronic-painChondroitin is already found in the cartilage of our bodies. Taking supplements of chondroitin can help ease chronic pain in joints and areas in between the bones. The chondroitin in our body helps cushion the joints and absorbs water to keep our cartilage healthy. Taking supplements of chondroitin can help ease pain caused by cartilage damage from certain diseases like arthritis. Chondroitin eases inflammation in the joints by building up and restoring damaged cartilage and has no known side-effects. Chondroitin is popularly used in topical analgesics and other products designed to reduce inflammation and pain. Most often those suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis may take a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, but recent studies have shown chondroitin to be powerful enough on its own.