Heroic Horse Saves Owner’s Life During Wildfire

horse-saves-man-from-fireIn February 2009, a horse named Jeune Mark became a local hero, after he saved his owner’s life during devastating bushfires in Australia’s Victoria state. During the time of the fires, Caretaker Anthony Sexton and Jeune Mark were faced with a deadly situation in which walls of flames were facing them in all directions: "I just told Jeunes, 'We're gonna die' - the plain facts. There was no ifs, buts or anything. But he had other ideas, thank god.” While trying to escape the blazes, the horse managed to strategically buck and send Sexton over a guardrail, then directed him to make haste into the creek below. Anthony stayed safely submerged in the creek bed for hours, away from the flames that engulfed the property from all sides of him, while Jeune Mark ran back to the Sexton House. Much later Sexton returned to his house, hoping to find Jeune alive. To his delight, Jeune Mark was alive with only some minor burns, in which he later made a complete recovery. Sexton accredits the horse’s buck over the guardrail in the vicinity of the creek as the only thing that saved his life. Supreme Master Ching Hai granted Jeunes the Shining World Hero Award and $1,000 (and also some carrots and apples.)