Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood

garth-brooks-trisha-yearwood-power-coupleAlthough they might have started their relationship singing and touring together, while married to other people, the two developed a strong relationship through music and working together. This is what has kept them strong since 2005. Songwriter, Kent Blazy, introduced the two when they worked as demo singers in Blazy’s studio. Yearwood recalls, “we hit it off” but had no idea “he’d turn out to be Garth Brooks!” When the two first worked together, Brooks told Yearwood that when he got a record deal she could open shows for him and he kept his promise. Brooks proposed to Trisha in front of 7,000 screaming fans, but the two lived a quiet life in Oklahoma, helping take care of his daughters. After his youngest daughter graduated high-school, the two moved to Nashville.