Mobile Devices

mobile-devices-can-cause-painWe all appreciate the many great things that our phones and tablets can do. From texts and phone calls to entertainment and organization, they truly are a wonder of modern technology. All of these functions and conveniences can be great, but for many, it comes at the price of pain in the neck and upper back.

The issue comes down to how we use these devices, or more specifically, how we look at them. When a person is texting or watching a video on the screen of a Smartphone or tablet, they look down, with their neck at an angle. When we do this so often and for long periods of time, it can result in repetitive strain injuries to the neck.

To avoid these pain issues, you need to try to use your mobile devices in a way that will not have you looking down. Instead of holding the phone or tablet down near your chest or in your lap, hold the screen up in front of your face. As an additional point, you could try limiting the amount of time that you spend using these devices.

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