Your mattress

your-mattress-can-cause-painWe spend a significant amount of our lives in our beds, and much of this time is spent in just a few positions. If you have a poor quality mattress or a mattress that is not well designed for the way that you sleep, it can lead to issues with joint pain and back pain.

The trick with selecting the right mattress is to find one that offers the right level of firmness. For many, the idea of an extra soft mattress sounds good, but a mattress that is too soft may not provide adequate support to your joints and back. On the other hand, if a mattress is too firm, it may place too much pressure on your joints.

For most people, the right mattress is going to be in the middle, but closer to firm. It’s all about finding a mattress that is soft enough to be comfortable while also being firm enough to provide adequate support. The correct level of firmness will vary depending on the person, any pain issues that they may have, and their preferred sleeping position, so there is no clear definition as to which type of mattress is best for everybody.

When you go shopping for a mattress, the best way to pick one out is to lay in it for a few minutes. Just lay down in your sleeping position for about ten minutes to see how it feels. It might seem like a weird thing to do in public, but mattresses cost a significant amount of money, and you are probably planning to sleep on it for several years or so.