Your Keyboard

typing-can-cause-painTyping may seem like an activity that puts a relatively low amount of stress on the body, but there are some risks for people who spend a lot of time at a desk, typing on a keyboard. As was mentioned in the section about the office chair, sitting improperly when you type can cause back pain, but there are additional issues that come with a lot of typing.

There is the risk of repetitive strain injury. This can occur to the person who forces their hands into awkward positions to accomplish button combinations, and there is the risk that comes from resting your wrists or forearms on the edge of your desk.

Avoiding these problems is relatively simple, but it may take some time to break old habits. When you are typing, don’t twist and stretch your fingers to make button combinations. Use one hand to push a button like ctrl or shift, and use the other hand to hit the additional button.

When you rest your wrists on the edge of your desk, you can actually cause nerve damage. Instead of resting your arms or wrists on the edge of the desk, let your hands hover above the keyboard with your wrists above the desk. You can also purchase some pads or other reasonable ergonomic devices that will prevent this.

Be sure to take occasional breaks from long hours of typing, especially if you start to feel pain or soreness in your hands or wrists. Regularly performing some specific hand stretches will help to prevent the pain and soreness associated with typing.