10 Hand Exercises to Relieve Arthritis Pain

hand-exercises-to-relieve-arthritis-hand-painWhen it comes to everyday tasks such as opening a letter, plugging in an electronic device, or simply eating a meal, pain in the hands can make all of these ordinary tasks seem unbearable. The most common form of arthritis to affect the hands is osteoarthritis, and it keeps millions from living a normal day without dealing with pain in the wrists, hands, or fingers. As far as physical therapy goes, there are numerous hand exercises that can help ease this pain, and even help to prevent it altogether. These exercises strengthen the muscles in the hands, keep the hands flexible, remove stiffness in the joints, and promote a healthy blood flow. If you are already experiencing stiffness and swelling in your hands, you probably already know how important blood flow is when it comes to reducing your pain. The following exercises have been chosen as some of the simplest, yet effective exercises for those experiencing arthritic pain in their hands. Nearly all of them can be performed anywhere or anytime, and require nothing more than some designated time of day to perform them. Here are 10 of the best hand exercises for relieving arthritis pain in the hands.