Custodial Work/Cleaning

custodian-hand-painThe work of a janitor, custodian, or cleaning person can be quite taxing. Whether you work to clean homes, offices, government buildings, or at an industrial facility, the work you do can be exceptionally rough on the hands.

Handling a mop or broom can put stress on the joints and the soft tissue of the hands and wrists. The motions of scrubbing and wiping can lead to things like tendinitis and carpal tunnel.

For people that work in these jobs, you can find some cleaning tools that are designed to relieve the stress that is put on the hands and wrists. You can also consider wearing a brace for the wrist to keep it stable when you are working.

As a custodian or cleaner, you will want to take breaks between tasks and continually stretch your hands and wrists to prevent injury. You can also ice your hands and wrists when you are done working and allow them to get enough rest before starting your next shift.