soles-shoes-foot-painThe soles of the shoe are an important consideration, and it is another point that so many people ignore in their shoe shopping. When it comes to the sole, the specific function of the shoe is going to matter, but there are some general rules that you want to keep in mind.

The sole of a shoe performs an important function in regard to comfort, but it also does more than that. A sole should provide a nice level of cushioning as well as some level of shock absorbing capabilities. Additionally, you want to consider whether it will provide enough traction for the purpose of the shoe. If you will be walking on rough terrain or where there could be hazards, then you will also want to find a sole that will provide a level of protection.

When you are shopping for shoes, remember to look at the soles and examine whether they are going to perform well for their intended purpose. Ponder about what you will do in the shoes and compare that to the properties of the sole.