Too Loose or Too Tight

too-loose-tight-shoesOne of the most common mistakes that people make when they are selecting a pair of shoes is buying a pair that is either too tight or too loose. For many, this is just the result of not having the feet properly sized, but for others, it could be that they have their heart set on a specific type of shoe and were unable to find a pair that fit properly.

Whatever the reason may be, you need to take the time to buy shoes that fit your feet properly. Shoes that are too tight expose the feet to health problems like bunions, ingrown toenails, hammertoe and more. With shoes that are too loose, the primary concern is unnecessary exposure to injury. When shoes are too loose, they slip from the feet and fail to provide the necessary support.

The first tip to help a person find a pair of shoes that will fit right is to buy them in person. Shopping for shoes on the Internet may be tempting, but it is an easy way to end up with a pair of shoes that does not fit the foot correctly. Shoe sizes can vary from one manufacturer to the next as well as between different styles of shoes, so actually trying the shoes on before you purchase is important. You need to trust your own feeling of comfort and make sure that you have enough room at every point of the shoe. Additionally, if the shoe slips when you are wearing it, then it is more than likely too loose.