Standing & Walking

standing-walking-shoesAnother mistake that people make is not giving the shoes a thorough enough test. You might slip one of the shoes on, wiggle your foot around a little and think that it feels good. However, a person does much more in a pair of shoes than just sit and wiggle their foot around. You need to see how they are going to feel when you are actually using them.

When you are shopping for a pair of shoes, you should try them both on and see how they feel when you stand and when you walk. First, stand up in the shoes and try shifting your weight around a little. Rock up on the balls of your feet and come back down. Try walking around the store a little to see how they feel as you stride. The shoes should be comfortable through all of these different motions. If they do not feel right, do not rely on the idea that they will feel better once you break them in; shoes should feel comfortable from the beginning. With the shoe market that exists today, you do not have to settle for anything less than the pair provides the exact support that your feet need.