iron-helps-to-rebuild-cartilage-in-jointsIron is one of the most important minerals for human health. Along with copper, iron helps with the production of red blood cells and it is a key factor in the body’s ability to transport oxygen through the circulatory system. Iron is also one of the necessary components in the production of collagen in the body.

Iron deficiencies and iron overload are some of the most common health problems. The body needs iron for a number of processes, but an overload can cause health problems. Getting enough iron is important for cartilage regeneration, but an overload can cause joint problems.

As a person that is looking to increase their iron intake, there are a number of foods that can act as a great source of dietary iron. Among the best sources of iron, you will find liver, shellfish, and spinach. For additional sources of iron, you could try oats, prunes, lima beans, and yogurt.

For iron, the recommended daily intake is 8mg for adult males and 18mg for adult females. The maximum daily intake for all adults should be below 45mg, and for women over 50, the recommended daily intake drops to 8mg.