What Other Problems Can Being On My Feet All Day Cause?

foot-problems-pain-sore-feet-injuriesProblems arising from being on our feet all day are by no means limited to being in just our feet. These health issues can spread throughout our entire body, from our legs to our shoulders and neck. You might not even connect the following problems as being related to your job or being on your feet all day.

Knee and Hip Arthritis:

As covered previously, arthritis is the inflammation in the joint caused by wear and tear damage from being on your feet constantly. Both the knee and the hip can be affected by working a job that requires being on your feet all day.

Like foot arthritis, hip and knee arthritis cannot be cured, but there are options to help manage the symptoms.

Neck or Shoulder Stiffness:

It may seem odd that your neck and shoulders are affected by standing for long periods of time. It requires considerable muscular effort to keep the body in an upright position. When you are standing in one position for extended lengths of time, the blood isn’t able to circulate through your body the way it’s meant to. This leads to muscular strain in the neck and shoulders.

This muscular strain is often not permanent, and can be resolved.

Just because you are on your feet all day doesn’t mean you are going to be in pain, or even that you will have any of the potential problems we have listed so far. There are precautions you can take.