Eating Tips to Reduce Pain from Gout

eating-tips-to-reduce-gout-painGout is a painful and often debilitating form of arthritis. It is caused by buildup of uric acid in the blood. This acid forms due to the breakdown of waste substances called purines in the body. These purines dissolve in your blood, are processed by the kidneys, and eventually pass through the body via urine. When excessive amounts of uric acid accumulate and the kidneys are not capable of processing it, it tends to hang around in the bloodstream and forms into razor-like crystals that collect between the spaces of the joints. For many centuries, gout has been associated with overindulgence in food such as meat and seafood, as well as alcohol. It was considered a disease that affected the wealthier people because they were the only ones who could afford such a lifestyle. Thus doctors have been treating gout by prescribing a long list of foods that a person should avoid. Today, we know much more about gout and recent research has given us a more valid approach concerning diet restrictions. While some foods should definitely be avoided, not all foods with purines should be removed from a person’s diet and certain foods should be kept in order to control the amount of uric acid in the body. There are a variety of foods that are beneficial for treating your gout. Certain foods help uric acid to properly pass through the system and/or contain anti-inflammatory ingredients which eases pain from gout. Here is a collection of foods that may help reduce the pain from gout, as well as foods in which you should avoid at all cost.