Bardy’s Trail Rides (Alaska)

Bardy’s Trail Rides (Alaska)Located in one of the most beautiful cities Alaska has to offer, Bardy’s Trail Rides allow riders to access parts of Seward not commonly visited by your typical tourist. Your guide will take you to places where bald eagles can be seen flying in the air as you cross rivers, forests, and even the beach. You can look out onto snow-capped mountains as your guide tells you anything you’d like to know about the history of the area. Here your knowledgeable and friendly guide will take you through the “old town” of Seward that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1964. You’ll also have a chance to talk to those who lived through the earthquake and hear their stories. For bird-watchers this trail is a must-see. Diverse avian wildlife dwell in the surrounding area and the trail allows you to see these animals up close. Rides are typically around 2-3 hours long, and the price is worth the ride.