Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)Carved by the Colorado River in the Mohave Desert, the Grand Canyon is one of the most infamous jaw-dropping sights in America. The Canyon itself is 277 miles long, 18 miles across, and 1 mile deep making its sheer enormity one of its wonders. Trails include tours of the Grand Canyon Caverns with experienced tour guides. The paths range from steep and difficult, to smooth and easy. Some of the trails include a 2,300 foot descent into the canyon, while others walk along the canyon’s glorious wilderness. Some tours last a few hours, while other tours may allow for day-to-day riding. Since the Grand Canyon is so famous (drawing millions of Americans every year) there are plenty of amenities in most of the tour locations. Shuttles to locations are easy to find and prices are fairly low due to the continuous visitation. The Grand Canyon is truly the ultimate horseback riding experience.