Dead Horse Point State Park (Utah)

Dead Horse Point State Park (Utah) Near the zenith of Dead Horse Point lies a view 2,000 feet high overlooking the majestic Colorado River. The name “Dead Horse Point” itself holds a historically intriguing meaning. Those who travel by horseback can experience the significance of this passageway by riding past colossal vertical cliffs amongst a breathtaking landscape. In the surrounding area you can even ride the same trail John Wayne traveled (this site has been featured in numerous films since 1949, including the final scene of “Thelma & Louise”). The Moab desert has exclusive scenic tours and Dead Horse Point features several visually stunning landmarks. Amenities include restrooms, $10 parking, and RV services so most of your needs can be met for a single day’s journey. As the nearest town is 30 miles away, Dead Horse Point brings the thrill of the old west and is noted for its seclusion from major park tourism. The area itself is full of history that invokes the spirit of the old west and the story of early hunters that roamed the desert. Knowledgeable tour guides can also tell you more about the history and the wildlife that inhabit the area.