Petrified Forest (Arizona)

Petrified Forest (Arizona) The Petrified Forest National Park is infamous for its beauty and ancient wonder. The landscape is aptly named, telling the story of ancient days with its collection of petrified wood, wildlife, and scenic views. Ride for a few hours or ride for a few days. Challenging descents in the landscape may be difficult for unexperienced riders. Once you enter the Painted Desert it’s mostly smooth sailing. The elevation rounds-off at 5,800 feet and the temperatures can vary drastically depending on what time of the year you ride. The area also has many non-maintained trails, giving riders the seclusion and peace they may be looking for. There’s plenty of vehicle parking for trailers if you are bringing your own stock. Some parts of the trail may require leading the horse but for most of the path it is not a requirement. Water is not available in the wilderness area so be sure to stock up before you set out. Overnight camping is also available and group camping is available for up to 8 people and 4 horses.