Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota)

Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota)The Black Hills National Forest provides several ways to experience the beautiful mountainous area with around 12-15 trails for horses. There’s no boredom to be found here. The rolling beauty of great hills in a northern frontier setting contains enough extraordinary scenery to keep you preoccupied. This wild frontier of South Dakota also has its share of amenities. The Broken Arrow campground offers full hookups, covered pens, facilities, access to the trail, and a rental trailer if you want to move to other trailheads in the area. Sundance Horse Camp has group stables and potable water for you and your stock. At elevations around 7,000-8,000 feet, the trails range from easy to challenging. One of the highlights of Black Hills is Harvey Peak; a historical spot that provides a remarkable view for horseback riders. Don’t let the Dakota wind scare you from the trail. During the right seasons the Black Hills can make your ride one of the most enjoyable times to experience with your family, friends, or even alone in the blissful solitude of nature.