Bryce Canyon (Utah)

Bryce Canyon (Utah)Bryce Canyon (Utah) The land surrounding Bryce Canyon provides a stunningly colorful atmosphere with beautiful rock formations formed by eons of wind and rain. The Canyon itself is filled with “hoodoos” (spiral-shaped rock formations) that will mesmerize the rider as they move along the trail. The Native Americans in the area believe that the Hoodoos were once people who had been turned to stones as an atonement for their bad deeds. The landscape is truly a work of art where at times you may think you are staring at a painting. You can find out even more about the history of Bryce Canyon from your guide. A two hour horseback ride will run you a mere $60 with the best time to visit being the Spring. You can also request longer tours; a 3 ½ hour tour will bring you to the center of Bryce Canyon.